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The compostable bags conserve resources
Bags “Smile” and bags “Vest” made of compostable plastics offer sufficient stability and can be reused several times.
They can be packed small and always taken along in a backpack or handbag. Carrier bags made from our compostable bioplastics are comparable in terms of load-bearing capacity and tear
strength to those of a plastic carrier bag made from conventional, fossil polyethylene. In the final step they can also be used to collect and dispose of organic waste.
Compostable in home compost or industrial composting plant.

Meet the strict test criteria of EN 13432 and are completely converted into water, CO2 and biomass in industrial composting plants, just like organic waste. This is confirmed by certifications from TÜV Austria.Solvent-based or water-based printing inks be used for printing.

Retail items – shopping and advertising bags
Type „vest“with handles, with or without “hanger”
Type „smile“ without additional reinforcement of the handle

Wide selection of designs, sizes in appropriate thickness and quantities.
High quality printing – incl. custom print up to 6 colors over the needs of traditional and impulse retail, specialized stores for technics, toys, bookstores, and the pharmaceutical industry.

IMPORTANT for the formation of a precise offer
1. Product model/type
2. Size of the product (HW + depth of the folds)
3.Wall thickness (microns) or information from the customer about the purpose for which the product will be used and what approximate load capacity is expected to take
4. Exact product design, placed in the template of the selected model + co tent of the product text and optionally, customer-generated barcode.
5. Order quantities (circulation)