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Let’s keep the tradition and thus reduce the impact.

In Slovenia, we annually use around 15 million grave candles, which averages to nearly eight candles per capita. This consumption statistic ranks us third in the world. One-third of these grave candles are used in November, which poses an additional burden for their recycling. The majority of these candles are traditional paraffin candles in plastic packaging, followed by electronic ones with battery inserts. This results in 4,500 tons of waste, constituting 20% of all packaging waste. The proportion of uncollected and therefore untreated waste from grave candles among all waste is the highest, standing at a staggering 72%.


We would like to introduce to you the 100% biodegradable FLORO memorial candle, which aims to address or contribute to the solution of three issues that occur in Slovenia and beyond:

  1. Reduce the accumulation of waste memorial candles in landfills.
  2. Promote proper disposal of used cooking oil.
  3. Decrease plastic usage.
  4. Reduce the production of traditional wax, which is based on petroleum derivatives.

The FLORO memorial candle is designed to be an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional memorial candles. It not only pays tribute to your loved ones but also helps tackle these pressing environmental problems.

Pot and lid: BIOMATERIAL

Today, there is a bioplastic alternative for nearly every conventional plastic material and its respective application. Bioplastics, which can be biologically sourced, biodegradable, or both, possess similar properties to conventional plastics and often offer additional advantages. These advantages may include a reduced carbon footprint or additional waste management options, such as composting. Bioplastics are a critical component of the bioeconomy and a rapidly growing innovative industry with the potential to separate economic growth from resource depletion and environmental impact. Bioplastics constitute a diverse family of materials with varying characteristics.


At LIGHT UP, our company has chosen an innovative and slightly different approach to processing waste cooking oil, resulting in environmentally and health-friendlier products with high added value.

Unlike traditional paraffin candles, our candles are made from plant-based waste cooking oil. In comparison to candles made from fresh oils or beeswax, our candles are produced from a renewable source – waste that does not impact the food chain in any way. Their primary raw material is entirely locally sourced, while other waxes are produced in distant locations, unnecessarily burdening the environment during transport. Our candles are carbon-neutral and have been proven to be healthier and more environmentally friendly. They burn up to 25% longer and at lower temperatures than paraffin candles.

The cotton wick we use in our candles does not contain lead or nickel compounds. As a result, they produce less soot and do not emit substances harmful to human health.