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Innovative Solution for Agriculture

Achieve high-quality harvests with our Compostable MULCH FILM – 100% organic, biodegradable, and fertilizing ground cover film. This mulch film complies with European standards EN 13432 for natural compostability and EN 17033 for biodegradability in soil. It is certified by TUV AUSTRIA and bears the labels OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL and OK COMPOST SOIL.

Technical Specifications:

  • Roll Width: 600 to 1500 mm
  • Roll Weight: Minimum 25/30 kg
  • Thickness: 15 microns
  • Example: Length of mulch film for an 800 mm wide roll weighing 25 kg: 1430 m.

With this eco-friendly mulch film, you can ensure environmentally responsible farming practices while reaping the benefits of improved crop yields. It’s a win-win for your farm and the planet.

Compostability according to EN 13432, ASTM D 6400, NFU 52001

• Stable while in use, good disintegration in soil after ploughing under:
• Cost-effi ciency: no collection and disposal of the film, reduction of thickness;
• Superior water resistance;
• High strength and tear resistance;
• High weed suppression;
• Replacement of herbicides;
• Water saving, control of irrigation;
• Earliness of fruits due to increased soil temperature;
• Wide range of applications for various crops and climate conditions.

A UN report (United Nations) recommends bioplastics as a sustainable alternative to conventional mulching films.

„Base and biodegradable mulch films help both to reduce dependence on fossil carbon sources by using renewable carbon instead, and by playing a valuable role in reducing residual plastic contamination in the soil, which can significantly affect agricultural productivity and our health. Mulching foils represent the second largest share of plastic foils used in agriculture. “These flms, made from biodegradable plastics in the soil, provide significant benefits, while the recovery, recycling and reuse of conventional plastics pose significant problems. They are specially designed to degrade efficiently and can therefore be incorporated into the soil after harvest. Even when conventional mulch flms are removed from the field, they are often heavily contaminated with soil and plant debris, which inhibits the recycling process.“

We are very pleased to note that 2022 year the product was FINALISTS among 15 others with our new development for the MULCH FILM.

Our 100% organic (biodegradable and compostable) BIOCARTENE® P mulching film can be left in the soil and plowed after mechanical harvesting to fertilize and prepare the soil for the next sowing.

By using BIOCARTENE® P organic mulch film you guarantee an early and quality harvest, saving labor and money in harvesting compared to conventional plastic mulch.